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Craig Purvis is the owner and director of Meth Forensics. He has over 20 years experience with both the UK and NZ police with much of that time in a senior role both training and mentoring in all aspects of forensics and fire investigation. Handy when you're looking for Meth smoke.

Craig spent many years both attending Meth labs and teaching the police advanced forensic courses. Much of the work Craig created over the years is still used today.

Craig and his team have tested hundreds of properties for Real Estate agencies concerned about the safety and legal risks of families living in homes impregnated with meth residue.

Having seen many new companies setting themselves up as meth testing specialists, to take advantage of the new business opportunities, Craig grew concerned. Many of these companies, with no previous experience in testing for the presence of meth, did not take adequate precautions. Often, having simply completed a half day course, they presented themselves as experts in the field.

That’s why Craig saw the need for a new company, staffed by recognised experts with the experience and training to deliver unquestionable results.

When your looking for a service provider, you want to know that they are informed, up to date with current legislation, skilled, knowledgable and are going to sort any problems out if in the worse case scenario were to occur.

If the worst case scenario was to happen and it involved taking your case to a tenancy tribunal, would you want a cheap tester who has done a half day course or someone who’s experience and skill has been tested many times in court. 

The old analogy is pretty prevalent here, you get what you pay for

Craig has assembled a hand-picked team of forensic investigators to create Meth Forensics NZ Ltd, using the best people, with the best knowledge and the best methods, Meth Forensics offers a service that leads the field in commercial meth testing.

For information on the Methamphetamine Testing and Remediation Standard (NZS 8510) click here