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Meth Forensics was established by Craig Purvis, a forensic examiner with over 20 years’ experience both the UK and NZ Police. Over that period, he saw a dramatic increase in methamphetamine use and supply, primarily due to home-based meth labs established by tenants. Craig frequently tested properties for Real Estate agencies concerned about the safety and legal risks of families living in homes impregnated with meth residue.

Having seen many new companies setting themselves up as meth testing specialists, to take advantage of the new business opportunities, Craig grew concerned. Many of these companies, with no previous experience in testing for the presence of meth, did not take adequate precautions. Often, having simply completed a half day course, they presented themselves as experts in the field.

That’s why Craig saw the need for his own company, staffed by experts with the experience and training to deliver truly reliable results.

Using his contacts, Craig assembled a hand-picked team of forensic investigators to create Meth Forensics NZ Ltd.

Using the best people, with the best knowledge and the best methods, Meth Forensics offers a service that leads the field in commercial meth testing.

For information on the Methamphetamine Testing and Remediation Standard (NZS 8510) click here


"We have used Craig's services a number of times now and even though we are familiar with his high standards of service and knowledge we are still, each and every time, blown away by his openness, professionalism and desire to help in any way he can. He expresses a passion in his work and that flows through to his passion to ensure his customer gets the best service possible. He talks our language (no scary up talk!) and certainly leaves us feeling confident we are getting a true result. Dollar for dollar, in our experience, Craig is invaluable and we have no hesitation in recommending him."

Paula & Bevan

"I help manage a number of properties in Warkworth and Matakana. I believe meths testing is an essential part of providing a clean and healthy home for our tenants. I highly recommend Craig and his company for his professional expertise and operation. Further and just as important, I understand the Courts see Craig as an "expert witness" in the field of meths testing properties.  So should there have been any dispute over a test result I was assured Craig's evidence was seen by the law as coming from an expert. I have never had any of Craig's tests challenged."

Colin Binsted August 2017