Meth Forensics




Our difference

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Results you can rely on

Meth Forensics stands apart from other meth testing suppliers in three ways:

Our people

All Meth Forensics team members are ex-Police Forensic staff or have been trained by a recognised Police National Trainer. They have all trained in fire investigation by the New Zealand Fire Service, so they know where meth smoke may concentrate in a property.

Every current staff member has attended numerous clandestine meth labs. They are skilled in forensic photography and mapping, experienced in preparing court papers, and accustomed to giving evidence in court.

Skilled, experienced and professional, there’s no better team to have on your side.


Our methodology

Many meth testing suppliers lack experience and training. Often they rely on cheap in-field testing kits bought off the internet, or hand-held devices that do not meet Government guidelines.

We only use laboratory-based testing: the gold standard, and the only one that stands up to scrutiny in court. When your family’s health is at risk, and the costs of remedial action can be so high, it’s essential to have results you can rely on.

In-field and hand-held testing might seem initially cheaper, but sound laboratory testing invariably pays its way. With our impartial interpretation and advice, the final outcome can often save a great deal of money.


Our testing partners

All of our lab testing is done by Hills Laboratories. They are IANZ accredited and one of the top labs in the field of meth testing, regularly relied upon by NZ Police.