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Government Approved Testing

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View NZ Standard 8510:2017

View NZ Standard 8510:2017

Some Meth-testing companies employ inadequately trained, inexperienced staff - often using basic in-field testing kits or hand-held devices.

While being cheaper and giving instant results, the problem with these methods is that they don't meet Government guidelines (NZS8510:2017). So, in a tenancy tribunal or other court case, would not stand up to scrutiny. In-field kits, for example, have issues with external variabilities and sensitivity that can give false positives and false negatives. Yet this is the means of testing used by many suppliers in the field.

At Meth Forensics we follow a two-stage testing procedure.

Step 1: Field Composite Testing

At Meth Forensics, we begin with field composite testing - using a kit supplied by our lab partner Hills Laboratories.  Applying our extensive knowledge of forensic examination and fire investigation, we select rooms we know are most likely to be contaminated, targeting specific areas in each room. This identifies if there is a problem by analysing all the swabs together and giving one result. 

These samples are then analysed at the laboratory, with a result and debrief usually available within three to four working days.

Step 2: Individual Room Testing

If meth contamination is a positive result in Step 1, the second step is individual room testing (often where we are called in by estate agents or insurance companies) to find exactly where the problem lies.

This involves testing and analysing each room separately.

At this point we often save substantial sums for our clients - because even with reasonably high levels of contamination, we can often advise on how to reduce contamination to below Government guidelines.

It is an approach that is not only more accurate and more robust - in the long term it is often the most cost effective.

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