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The people behind Meth Forensics

Craig Purvis

Craig Purvis

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Click here to see the NZ Standard for Methamphetamine-contaminated properties

Click here to see the NZ Standard for Methamphetamine-contaminated properties

Craig Purvis is the owner and director of MethForensics.

He has over 20 years experience as a forensic examiner with both the UK and NZ police - much of that time in a senior role, training and mentoring all aspects of forensics and fire investigation. Much of the work and many of the founding policies which Craig created over the years, are still in use by Police today.

Craig has assembled a hand-picked team of forensic investigators to create Meth Forensics NZ Ltd, so all our team members are ex-Police Forensic staff - and have been trained by a recognised Police National Trainer. They have also trained in fire investigation with the New Zealand Fire Service - so they know where meth smoke is most likely to concentrate in your property.

They have also attended investigations into numerous clandestine meth labs, are skilled in forensic photography and mapping, experienced in preparing court papers, and accustomed to giving evidence in court.

As well as working on behalf of the New Zealand Police, Craig and his team have also tested hundreds of properties for Real Estate agencies and individuals, concerned about the health issues, safety and legal risks of families living in homes impregnated with meth residue.

With a reputation as one of the country's most experienced and knowledgeable Police & Fire forensic examiners, Craig wanted to form a highly reputable new company, whose results will stand up to scrutiny by any court, lawsuit or individual - staffed by recognised experts with the experience and training to deliver unquestionable results.

Meth Forensics NZ Ltd are well-informed, up to date with all current legislation and will only use highly qualified & knowledgable examiners.

So Meth Forensics can offer a service that leads the field in commercial meth testing. 


Our methods

Meth testing in New Zealand is an unregulated industry, which has attracted opportunistic companies who provide cheap services with testers who lack experience and training. Often they rely on cheap in-field testing kits bought off the internet, or hand-held devices that do not meet Government guidelines.

At Meth Forensics we only use laboratory-based testing - the only process that will stand up to scrutiny in court. When your family’s health is at risk, and the costs of remedial action can be so high, it’s essential to have results you can rely on.

Our Laboratory partners

Our forensic team works closely with Hills Laboratories , a proven company with whom we have a long association over many years - and who we believe provide the most accurate and reliable results in New Zealand.

They are IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) accredited - and one of New Zealand's most respected labs in the field of meth testing and an accredited supplier to the New Zealand Police.Their work is constantly relied upon by Police and Fire authorities, NZ government and the Courts of New Zealand.

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