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Crystal Meth, Meth (short for Methamphetamine) or 'P' is a psychotic drug, which is made using a highly dangerous and toxic process. Producing and smoking the drug contaminates the building as the toxins are absorbed into the porous walls, where they stay and leech back into the air causing potential health hazards. 

Contamination from making & smoking Meth in homes is widespread in New Zealand, however meth testing is an unregulated industry - so it has attracted lots of poorly trained opportunists, many offering substandard cheap services which do not meet the Government standards.

Meth Forensics is different.

Craig Purvis is the owner and director of MethForensics. He has over 20 years experience with both the UK and NZ police with much of that time in a senior role both training and mentoring in all aspects of forensics and fire investigation. Handy when you're looking for Meth smoke. All staff are ex-members of the NZ Police Forensic Department and were some of the country's most experienced forensic examiners having attended numerous Meth Labs. 

Why are we different.

When you engage our services, you not only get a professional Meth test. You also get access to the knowledge gained by years of attending crime scenes. What in short this means is that if there were precursors for making Meth, or implements used in the process lying around that others may not realise, our staff would pick up on them. 

We provide the best and most reliable meth testing service available - something we believe every property owner and resident has a right to: accurate, reliable, ethical testing to know if they, their families or tenants are at risk.

We employ only knowledgeable and experienced examiners, use only approved laboratory testing methods and all our tests are carried out in accordance with NZ Standards NZS8510:2017, so can be presented in court.

So when you need to know not just if a property has been exposed to methamphetamine, but how big or small or serious the problem really is - we’re here to give you the answers.

Meth Forensics offer the very best in forensic examination and testing.