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'Meth' (short for Methamphetamine) is also known as 'Crystal Meth' - or 'P' in New Zealand. It is a psychotic drug which can be manufactured in a home 'lab' using a highly dangerous and toxic process.

Through wide experience as part of New Zealand Police forensics, the team behind Meth Forensics NZ provide owners & real estate companies with one of the most respected Meth Testing services anywhere - the gold standard, for guaranteed results.




Contamination from making & smoking Meth in homes is widespread in New Zealand. The drug contaminates the building when the toxins are absorbed into the porous walls, where they stay and leech back into the air, causing serious health hazards.

Above a certain level, the release of these poisonous chemicals can have a serious affect on the health of those living in the property.

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We provide the best and most reliable meth testing service available - something we believe every property owner and resident has a right to: accurate, reliable, ethical testing to know if they, their families or tenants are at risk.

We employ only knowledgeable and experienced examiners, use only approved laboratory testing methods and all our tests are carried out in accordance with NZ Standards NZS8510:2017.



Physical contact with contaminated surfaces can cause severe skin reactions & dermatitis, while inhaling contaminated air can cause breathing difficulties.

Other symptoms of exposure to meth contamination can include heart conditions, migraine, tearing & burning sensation in eyes, respiratory problems, convulsions, skin irritations and skin burn.